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Hello guys I am back after years :D I looked through my profile and read my old fanfictions and roleplays. I was very nostalgic and set up a new  target : Doing roleplays with lots of people and creating a new blog ( here and on tumblr).
Just wanted to send you a small Rp I did with someone on Omegle. I would be glad if I could find people who are willed to do roleplays with me :) RPs will be posted here and on my tumblr.

WARNING : This RP contains sexual themes !! Brother / Sister

You: I am laying on the couch in the living room , reading bored through some magazines. I sigh, sit up and cover my eyes with my left arm : Life was almost boring me to death...
Stranger: *walks up to you* "Hey sis how are you?"
You: I put my left arm back down to see my older brother standing in front of me. "I'm okay I guess....and you? Where have you been all day anyway?" I take the magazines and put them on the table.
Stranger: "I was out buying something sexy, I missed you..."
You: I blushed at his words... "...buying something sexy" I repeated them in my head. I can't deny that I was damn curious what he had bought and asked "What do you mean with "something sexy" ?"
Stranger: *pulls out a naughty school girl outfit and a tiny lace bra and tiny lace thong* "You like it?"
You: My heart almost stopped at the sight of the outfit. It wasn't like I've never seen such things before... Brother almost bought me something every weak that I then should wear for him. "Since when are you into school girls brother...?" I blushed again , imagining myself in the uniform.
Stranger: "I've always been into them, put it on baby"
You: I took the clothes and threw them onto the couch. I began to undress myself as fast as I could and put on the school uniform with the lace bra and thong. "This looks quite nice " I said while wandering down my body with my eyes. I looked at my brother and grinned "Do you like it too ?"
Stranger: "Ohh yea I love it on you!"
You: "Well, what are you going to do now? There has to be a reason you bought me such a nice outfit again..." I still asked although I already knew the answer... Things like this always turned out hot when our parents weren't home.
Stranger: "Hm yeah you're right" *pulls out my 10inch long 2-3 inchs thick cock*
You: "Oh..." I said quietly. I was expecting this but his cock still surprised me every time. I knew what he liked an so I walked up to him and got down on my knees, sticking my tongue and licking his tip.
Stranger: "Omg I love this so much..."
You: I started licking his full length, making sure that I got every spot of his dick. I massaged his balls and moaned as I tasted his pre-cum in my mouth.
Stranger: "Do you like this outfit the most?"
You: "I really like it brother. It's the best until now" I felt the thong rubbing against my clit, making me more aroused and almost loosing it. Some juice of mine was dripping down onto the floor which made me feel embarassed.
Stranger: "Ha...someone is horny..."
You: It was no use... I wouldn't handle it any longer. I stroke his penis and begged him to finally enter me.
Stranger: "Move your thong to the side"
You: I get down on all four and stick my ass out so he could get a nice view of my pussy and an easy entrance. " Hurry up brother" I demanded

Stranger has disconnected.

Yeah end of story :S This is what I hate about omegle :D so I beg for someone who won't stop during it...
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Hey guys :) Just wanted to let ya know that I made a Lorax video with a "special" scene from the TV show "Scrubs" (<<<<----think you should all know it) staring The Once-ler and The Lorax!!!
So please visit me on YouTube ;) Thanks!

Link to video :

Once-ler & Lorax ~ Waffle Time (Scrubs)…

You can also visit me on Tumblr :…

And take a look at my other videos ;)
THANKS!!! <3333333333333


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